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Children's Church

For several reasons, our Childrens' Church (often known as Sunday School) has been separated by "Age Groups" -- rather than by the more traditional "Grades". These age groups have classrooms with names, rather than numbers, and these names have been assigned for very specific reasons. The age groups, their respective names, and the reason for each name are as follows....

  1. Moses

    2-3 yrs. / Toddlers

    Moses was chosen by God while he was still very young to deliver God's people.

  2. Samuel

    4-5 yrs. / Pre-School

    While Samuel was still very young, he was taken to the temple to learn to serve God.

  3. David

    6-7 yrs. / Kindergarten - 1st

    David was used by God even while David was just a boy.

  4. Stephen

    8-10 yrs.

    Stephen had a servant's heart.

  5. Timothy

    11-12 yrs.

    Timothy was taught by the apostle Paul to witness and to preach.

  6. Titus


    Titus was taught by the apostle Paul to teach when Titus was a little older than Timothy.

Teacher Aids

If you are looking for some great ideas, seasonal projects, hands-on activities, help, encouragement -- and much more -- for your Sunday School class, then you might want to check out these Web-Sites:

Parenting Aids

Check out the "Effective Parenting" Web-Site with all its great Christian parenting resource links

Child Evangelism Fellowship - CEF

Calvary Chapel Children's Ministry Missions outreach, "Children Reaching Children" supports, Child Evangelism Fellowship


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