Simple is better than complex.  Simple makes it easier to understand things.  At Calvary Chapel Johnson County, we simply teach the Word.  We enable the believer to not only understand the Word of God, but to be a doer of the Word. We make application a part of our teaching regiment.  Understanding what the text means to you personally takes you deeper into your relationship with Christ.  We want you to understand places, people, customs and culture.  


Simply teaching the Word draws you into the fullness that the Lord has intended for you. Nothing is as satisfying as the feeling of ”I get it, I understand now.” We teach through the Bible, so all of the issues of life are addressed in context. When we need help and understanding, we need to be able to go to a source that will give us what we need in a very applicable, simple manner. So that is what we do here in our teaching time, Simply teach God’s Word Simply.