In a sense, every meal is sacred. You "bless" God each time you sit down to eat. But in the Bible, one meal is more important and meaningful than all the rest.

Talking about the Lords Supper

Formal churches refer to the Lord's Supper as "Eucharist" -- which means "to give thanks." This describes what you do when you receive the Lord's Supper.

Independent churches call the Lord's Supper "Communion" in reference to our communion with Jesus (First Corinthians 10:16). This word describes what occurs during the Lord's Supper.

It is in First Corinthians 11:20 that we find the term "The Lord's Supper."

The Use of Symbols
The Concept Behind the Lord's Supper

Worship makes use of rituals and symbols to represent spiritual truth. Symbols put within our reach invisible and intangible realities. They are powerful tools for worship.

The ingredients of the Lord's Supper are simple: bread and wine. Jesus gave them new meaning. They are symbols of His body, which was "broken for you," and of His blood which was "poured out for you." Thus the cross of Jesus is the key to your relationship with God.

The Concept Behind the Lord's Supper

Throughout history, God revealed Himself through great acts. As wonderful as these great acts were, they presented a question to later generations -- How can we have the same relationship with God if we haven't experienced the same events?

The answer is worship. Rituals RE-present those events. Through rituals we bring events of the past into the present. In this way, all the benefits of experiencing those historical events become ours. We don't try to re-LIVE the events themselves -- but to encounter, for ourselves, the GOD of those events.

The Lord's Supper enables YOU to receive the benefits of Jesus' death. You encounter God, and seal a covenant relationship with Him (see Matthew 26:28).

The Timeless Element of the Lords Supper

Today you stand between two great events -- Jesus' first coming, and Jesus' second coming -- and you are intended to live in the dynamic power of BOTH of them! Somehow, the Lord's supper connects you to both.

Jesus designed the Lord's Supper for the people who WOULD (and do!) live between His two comings. He told His disciples, "Do this in remembrance of Me," -- but He also told them that "I will not drink again of the fruit of the vine until the Kingdom of God comes." The Apostle Paul made the same point when he said that, by receiving the Lord's Supper, we "proclaim His death until He comes."

You don't have the resurrection or the return of Christ in your grasp, but you DO have the Lord's Supper. This is how Jesus presents Himself to you now, and nourishes your spiritual life.

The Mystical Element of the Lord's Supper

It isn't enough for you, as a follower of Jesus, to hear His teaching. His life must somehow enter into you. This is what happens when you receive the Lord's Supper. Jesus enters you, not through the bread and wine, but through faith.

The Lord's Supper provides you with direct access to God. Whenever you observe it, you must treat it with reverence.

But remember, the Lord's Supper is for people who need help. It is for YOU as a person who has weaknesses, pains, troubles, and fears. The Lord's Supper renews your heart and refreshes your spirit. And it helps you to become intimate with Jesus.