"Membership has its privileges." This phrase became a leading advertising slogan during the opulent nineteen-eighties. In our culture, membership can be highly prized or notoriously avoided.

What Membership Doesn't Mean

Membership among Christians has different meanings in different types of churches. Formal (or "High") churches seek to permeate the surrounding culture by making the Sacraments an organic part of society.

In many Charismatic and Fundamentalist churches, privileges are extended to "the gathered," that is, to those who reject the surrounding culture. The gathered are then encouraged to maintain an adversarial attitude toward their culture.

Where We Stand

We (of Calvary Chapel) neither embrace nor reject our culture. Rather, we accept our culture for what it is -- the environment of our earthly lives (see John 17, verses 11 and 15). Having Christian roots and being an avenue for the "common" grace of God, our culture has as much potential to be a positive force in our lives as a corruptive one.

We encourage you to maintain or improve your station in our culture. We are not "separatists." Membership in our church doesn't mean you'll be put in a "time-warp" and returned to a pre-modern, Victorian, dark -- or any other -- age!

Jesus' Model of Mission and Ministry

Jesus went to work on as many different levels as there were people. He healed. He delivered. He sowed. He declared. He revealed. He empowered. He fed. He called. And He observed.

Large crowds often gathered around Jesus. These people represented almost every station in their respective cultures. There were the sick, the evil, the devout, the important, the regulars, the cold-hearted, the needy, the unconvinced. Jesus was committed to working among these people, not just among the religious. And He had compassion on each one of them.

What Membership Means

To be a member of Calvary Chapel is to identify with the on-going work of Jesus Christ as He reaches out to every type of person, both in and beyond the immediate community. Calvary Chapel is committed to doing Christ's work, through His Spirit, and according to the will of God the Father. Being a member means joining us in this task.

Becoming a Member

To be considered a member of Calvary Chapel, all you need to do is participate in our ministries at some level. We don't require any more commitment than to know that you support our mission and have joined us in our work. Some people find our planned weekend retreats a great place to "break the ice." Others volunteer their special skills of construction or organization. Still others direct their energies to the many meetings and special projects around the church. Each is equally accepted, equally a part of Christ's ministry in our community.

It's okay for you to take all the time you need to "check us out." When the time comes, and you want to be a member, just pitch in! Then, give us a call to let us know you're now a member, and we'll add your name and address to our database for ADMINISTRATIVE purposes. But your actual membership began the very moment that you chose to join us in Christ's work and to be a part of our Christian community.