A twelve-year-old boy decided he didn't like to way the postal service handled his mail, so he wrote a letter to his congressman. He was shocked when two federal agents showed up at his door! He didn't anticipate anyone taking him seriously; he didn't know his letter had such power. Most Christians have never guessed the tremendous power they have when they touch God through prayer.

The Basic Idea Behind Prayer

Prayer is a spiritual conversation. Your prayers aren't helped by making them sound religious or eloquent. Prayer is a conversation; you speak, and you listen. Through prayer, you reach God -- who can then change lives and circumstances. THAT is why you pray.


The first prayer you need to learn is confession. Your wrongful actions will create blockages in your prayer life. You confess your sin in order to be rid of it. Jesus said, "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God." The Bible assures you of forgiveness when you confess your sin to God.

You also need to confess your weaknesses and your tendency to sin. God transforms your attitude and your behavior in order to promote your spiritual development.


A prayer of petition is a request that God act for yourself. It covers basic needs. Through petition, you ask God for help in all the affairs of your life. No request is too small. God would rather have you relying on Him for Every-thing than for No-thing.

Jesus taught His disciples (and that includes YOU!) to make their requests "in My Name." Jesus provides you with access to God. Jesus is the "one mediator" between God and any human.


A prayer of intercession is a request that God act in the life of another person.

You are able to help people by praying for their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. You can pray from near-by or from even thousands of miles away from the one with the need. You are to pray for Christian leaders and for members of the church -- that their lives will be always oriented to Jesus.

The secret of intercession is to pray as seriously and as energetically for someone else as you do for yourself.


Praise is an acknowledgment of God's goodness, greatness, and "loving kindness." The Bible tells you to give God thanks in everything. And it is very important to thank God when He has answered your prayers!

Friendly Conversation

Perhaps the most satisfying prayer time is the time when you just want to communicate with God -- without asking for anything. This is sometimes called "fellowship" or "communion." It is a form of prayer that is intimate and satisfying.

Opportunity to Pray

We (at Calvary Chapel) believe that anyone -- especially YOU! -- can develop an effective prayer life.

We want you to feel comfortable in talking with God, and to pray so well that it becomes "a second language" to you.