Women’s Ministry

  As a Women’s Ministry we have, for the past three years, been following the Chronological Life of Christ” Learning and growing as His disciples. Being very careful to remain in our proper place as women and learning as we go the principles of “godly womanhood” by which we can focus on “Home Health Happiness” in these days “when everyone is doing whatever is right in their own eyes”


 We teach “Where culture meets scripture – culture has to change” so that we may align  ourselves with the unchanging foundational Biblical Truths for women. Seeking to apply the principles  that bring us into harmony with the One True Living God…”


“Facts have to turn to understanding and understanding into practice”


This is the heart of Calvary Chapel Johnson County’s Women’s Ministry

2015-2016 Women's Ministry Calendar


Fall 2015


September 10 - Dec 10  Fall Women's Study "In His Steps"


October 17th; "Family Reflections" One Day women's Retreat


December 12th;  "Christmas Brunch"  Terri Johnson



Winter Spring 2016


January 8; Winter Women’s Bible Study  Begins with Lesson 99 -



March 19 Women's One Day Retreat ;  "Prayer" with Trudy Ries and Karen Scotti


Summer 2016 - Schedule to be announced


 Proverbs 16:9

“We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps”




Nothing in my hands I bring-only to the cross I cling”

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