Want to lose an election?  Make a statement that you believe in JESUS Christ and the Bible. You will lose your support base as quickly as the speed of light.
In a country where morals are relative and manners and courtesy are a thing of the past, and civility is almost non-existent.  We are following the pattern of all the past doomed civilizations where greed and avarice ruled the day.
State-mandated standards for children for everything from lunches to birth control, gay and lesbian curriculums that blur the lines of family values and natural relationships, tv and radio that pervert and distort life and make the bazaar, seem normal. 
Scripture says in the last days that "perilous times shall come" the word is derived from the root meaning to lower, let down, strike: through the idea of reducing the strength; difficult, i.e. dangerous, or ( by implication furious:--fierce, perilous.  All that said simply it means that we are going to face things that will scare us like no other times have.

We need Jesus, not gender-less bathrooms and kids who don't know who they are and are influenced by TV, Movies and parents who have the common sense of morons.