A gathering of "best buds"?  A place where you and your fishing buddy go?  Perhaps even a meeting of the Police Athletic League? Technically, I suppose all could be true.  But in this case, it is our annual gathering of midwest-based Calvary Chapel Pastors and Leaders.  And don't let the title scare you off.  We are all Leaders of some form or another for Jesus Christ, whether it's the workplace, the home-front, or in the Church.  So this is a gathering of the Saints; fellowshipping, sharing, being fed - physically and, most important, spiritually.  We are blessed to have as our teachers for this long weekend gathering; Pastor Xavier Ries, his wife Trudy, Pastor Charlie Flores, Pastor Steve Johnson, Pastor Mark Fry and Dr. Ken Johnson.  And this year's theme is from Isaiah 1:18a, "Come now, let us reason together..."   Here are the details for the conference, and we look forward to seeing you there!