Revelation 14:14-15:8 "The Harvest is Ripe"

Jul 27, 2023    Jared Clements

This week as we finish chapter 14 we’ll be talking about the One who is like the Son of Man, we’ll talk about the sickle that is in His hand, we’ll talk about how the time has now come for God’s judgment and how the earth will at this point be at the point of no return. We’ll see another angel come out of the temple and we’ll see that this will lead to the battle of Armageddon which is seen over in chapter 19.

When we come to chapter 15 we’ll talk about another great sign that is in heaven, we’ll see that seven angels have the seven last plagues, we’ll talk about those who have had victory over the beast and the song or songs that they will one day sing. We’ll talk about the works of God, the holiness of God and the judgment of God. We’ll see the heavenly tabernacle of testimony opened and we’ll see that God is suddenly unapproachable in the temple.

Cross References

Introduction (After reading of scripture)

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Verse 14

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The two previous Signs

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